History and Business of Nippon Norin Seed Company

Short History

Nippon Norin Seed Company was founded by Masagoro Suzuki, the first, with the name of "Masagoro Suzuki's Shop" in 1852 in Tokyo. In 1952 it was incorporated and named "Nippon Norin Seed Company." Present owners are the sixth and the seventh of the Suzuki family.

Business Outline

International Sales

Along with an increase in import of agricultural products, there has been a rapid growth in exportation and importation of vegetable seeds recently.

Domestic Sales

  1. Wholesale
    We sell vegetable seeds to seed companies all over the country.
  2. Retail
    We directly sell vegetable seeds to professional farmers.
  3. Mail Order Business
    People who love home gardening can buy seeds through our Mail Order service.
We aim at creating a close network among farmers, distributors and consumers so that consumers would ultimately benefit from our activities.


In our Research and Development Center, we are carrying out researches into seeds in order to provide safe and delicious vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage, onion, turnip, komatsuna (Chinese mustard), spinach, radish, carrot, bunching onion and so forth.
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